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When you need a crown, you don't want to wait. That's why Gentle Family Dentistry offers same-day crowns.

From breakage to deep decay, dentist Dr. Mohamad Alkassir can protect your tooth with a custom dental crown made as you wait.

Ready to finally find a solution for your tooth troubles? Visit our advanced dental practice serving Rockford, IL.

What Can a Dental Crown Treat?

Our dentist, Dr. Alkassir, offers dental crown treatment for a variety of reasons. A dental crown can treat tooth conditions such as:

Severe Decay

Deep cavities can weaken the structure of your tooth. With a crown, though, we can fortify your tooth and protect the pulp inside.

Tooth Trauma

After an accident or any kind of breakage to your teeth, it's crucial to seek dental care as soon as possible. With a crown, you can have your smile back.

Root Canal Infections

Sometimes, the pulp inside your teeth can become infected, requiring root canal therapy. Afterwards, our dentist may place a crown for protection.

Cosmetic Concerns

We offer ultra-lifelike lab-made crowns to address aesthetic concerns that you may have about anterior, or front, teeth.

What About Missing Teeth?


Our dentist can help with those, too. With the help of computer-aided surgical guides, he can precisely place a dental implant into your gum and jaw, where your tooth used to be. Then, when you've healed fully, he can restore that implant with a custom crown. The results? Improved bone health, unmatched stability, and natural-looking aesthetics.

How Much Does a Crown Cost? About $1,200 to $1,500

The price of a crown depends on materials, like porcelain, dental cement, and zirconia; your dental insurance plan and coverage; and methods, like lab creation or same-day technology. We use the™ system for more affordable crown creation.

At our Loves Park, IL, office, a crown costs about $1,200 to $1,500. That figure includes removing any previous filling material, so that we can build it back up again for a new, strong foundation before placing your crown.

A Real Crown Patient Talks About Their Excellent Experience

"Visiting family in Rockford and my crown fell out. Called and they gave me an appointment for the next day. They were actually closed at the time of my appointment but opened for me to get my tooth fixed and protected. They went out of their way to provide a patient focused delivery of service and were professional and friendly. I couldn't have been more pleased. Wish I lived here permanently because I would definitely want them for my regular dental care. The cost of service was affordable and the experience was great for me." Melly M.

How Does Our Glidewell Same-Day Crown System Work?™ In-Office Solution

If your tooth needs fast treatment, you'll appreciate our efficient™ system, which uses digital impressions to help our dentist design your custom crown. It's similar to CEREC® technology, with a few extra advantages.

For instance, unlike a CEREC crown, a Glidewell crown does not need to go to an oven for milling, because all the steps are completed in one machine. Glidewell crowns are also more efficient and affordable.

Finally, each crown is made from lifelike BruxZir® zirconia. This dental material is stronger than porcelain, giving you a durable restoration.

The Advantages of a Same-Day Crown

Using the™ system, our greater Rockford, IL, dentist can create a same-day crown to restore your tooth or teeth. Still not convinced? A same-day dental crowns provides benefits like:

Care in One Trip

Other practices may take a week or longer to make your crown in a lab. Our office, on the other hand, can complete every step of your crown treatment in one appointment, including fabricating your crown and placing it with dental cement.

No Temporary Crowns

When you opt for a labmade crown, you'll typically leave your first visit with a temporary crown. They are not as secure or high-quality as a permanent crown, and need to be handled with care while you wait for your second visit. Fortunately, with same-day options, you can avoid all the hassle.

Unmatched Convenience

No temporaries, no long wait, and no stress — the convenience of our™ same-day crown technology can give a nerve-wracking situation a straightforward solution.

Relief From Worry

Tired of discomfort, anxiety, and trouble chewing? When you enter our Rockford-area dental office, you won't have to worry about your decayed or damaged tooth for much longer.

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