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Periodontal Disease
Gum Disease Treatment in Rockford, IL | Gentle Family Dentistry


Gum Disease Treatment in Rockford, IL

Periodontal Disease: Gum Disease Treatment for Rockford, IL Residents

Methods for gum disease treatment for Rockford, IL residents vary according to the severity and type of disease a patient is diagnosed with. When you visit our office, a dental hygienist and dentist will check for periodontal disease and, if gum disease is discovered, they will recommend an appropriate treatment.

Periodontal disease develops and progresses when the space between the gums and tooth becomes filled with tartar, plaque, and bacteria, resulting in irritation. These irritants can damage a patient’s gums and eventually even the bones which support the teeth.

Fortunately, if gum disease is caught early enough—in the stage of gingivitis—one or two regular cleanings will resolve the problem without any permanent damage being done. At this point, the patient will be given tips for improving his or her daily oral hygiene habits and will have regular dental cleanings recommended to them.

If the periodontal disease has become more advanced, a special deep-cleaning procedure, known as scaling and root planing, will be recommended. Following the scaling and root planing, if the gums have not begun to heal, periodontal surgery may be required. This surgery will serve to make the teeth easier to clean by reducing the depths of the pockets. If you would like more information regarding periodontal disease and the available treatments, please contact our office or schedule an appointment today!